I am Aditya Dhumuntarao, the creator of this hub in cyberspace. I am currently pursuing a Masters of Advanced Study at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. Previously, I was an undergraduate studying physics and mathematics at Arizona State University.

So I really, really, like gravity, black holes and quantum field theory. This, combined with my interest in mathematics, physics, and education outreach, led me to create this website. One of my aspirations is to make ‘difficult to understand’ subjects in mathematics or physics easily understood by everyone. In fact, I am a big believer that if you are unable to explain a concept easily then you truly do not understand it fully. This is my primary source of motivation, and this has led me to branch out as well in order to pursue roles in outreach, in the TEDx organization, in student teaching, and in leadership roles. The goal and mission of Geodesick is to disseminate STEM related content both rigorously and in a succinct way.

I won’t just be confined to physics and mathematics however. My other interests include topics in computational fluid dynamics, artificial intelligence, linguistics, neuroscience, and, most importantly, success in STEM fields.

Firstly, my undergraduate research career began with computational fluid dynamics, specifically bistable turbulence models, so this is pretty dear to me. Furthermore, I have always tinkered around with my computers since I was little, both in hardware and software. I also have a few programming languages under my belt, but I really like applying these to machine learning algorithms or on A.I. stuff whenever I have an opportunity. For some reason, I also really like studying the theory and history of languages, and you might see some weird etymology posts here and there. Lastly, the mind, which allows me to explore all of these subjects, is itself pretty interesting in and of itself, and I might post about that as well.

With regards to success in STEM fields, I’m eager to pass on the knowledge/experience that I have accumulated after going through the STEM undergraduate cycle because I was lost many times when navigating through certain decisions. I wished that I had some guidance when I was going through the motions, and I am sure that others have the same sense of loss at times. If I could tackle that, I’d be really happy.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you learn something interesting.