Jhep For Students: A LaTeX Package

TL;DR: I created the Jhep for Students $\LaTeX$ package for students and you can find it here. Give it a whirl!

As some of you know, the majority of the scientific community uses $\LaTeX$ to do everything. From publishing scientific papers, typesetting class notes, writing documents, and (most importantly, in my opinion) to formatting mathematics — $\LaTeX$ can do it all.

This post is targeted to the students that already have $\LaTeX$ as part of their technical repertoire (although a post about how to install $\LaTeX$ is on its way!). During my one year program at the University of Cambridge, a friend of mine demonstrated that they could typeset class notes during the lecture itself. This motivated me to create the package: Jhep for Students!

I wanted to streamline the process of using $\LaTeX$ for students, specifically for writing notes in a crisp way. I took inspiration from my lectures $\LaTeX$ notes, such as David Tong’s beautiful collection of notes. His notes all used the Jhep format, which is brilliantly built for research journal submission. However, it lacks a few key features for the student such as marginnotes, a solid theorem/definition/proof environment, and  native inclusion with the Tikz or Physics packages.

These considerations lead me to modify the Jhep package and create the Jhep for Students package that you can find here. If you have any questions, leave a comment below or feel free to contact me.

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